Nick Kulukundis is a renaissance man - a creative audio/visual artist; an accomplished musician and sound engineer; a computer programmer and technology expert who has always followed an innovative, out-of-the-box and disruptive path. For nearly forty years he has occupied a unique position at the leading edge of technology convergence. A self confessed eccentric he has always believed that to think out of the box you must also live out of the box. His core philosophy - borne from his own creative frustrations with the computer systems available when he was starting out - has been to conceive, design and build new and better ways to facilitate creativity at the highest professional levels through the application of affordable and accessible technology. Many of the software and systems he developed remain a part of the fabric of today’s world, across a wide gamut of sectors. Nick is a postproduction expert, sound designer and sound engineer, composer, photographer, multi-instrumentalist and is a founding member and bass guitarist of Gunville Flats, a cross-over country music touring band. 

Nick’s first feature film work was for the sci-fi horror movie HARDWARE (1990) in which he created the first ever cinematic animated dive into the Mandelbrot set. Subsequently he worked in technical and creative contract roles in designing advertising film and digital media for the likes of Sony, Andersen Consulting, Midland Bank and BMP DDB NEEDHAM. He was colourist and multimedia technician on Ishmael Annobil’s Blackbird Song, a media art installation of Linda’s Karshan’s walked drawing at Draw Art Fair exhibition, 2018; Sound engineer of Covid-19 Conversation; and composer, sound designer and re-recording mixer on Ishmael Annobil's Choreographing the Page, a definitive documentary on Linda Karshan. He  has recently developed an innovative transmission system for a film he is co-producing with Stonedog Productions, which will re-invent the way cinema is watched. Nick Kulukundis heads up DarkSide Media Productions, a media organisation working at the highest end of technology in visual experience, including Events, Music Management, Record Label, Recording Studios, Film & Television Production, Mass Media Psychosis, Visual Fx and Realtime 3d Experiences for VR and 3D cinematic presentation.